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About Us

We are located in Sydney. Sydney Plantation shutters brings you window shutters to your door. We’ve had years of experience offering these services to Sydney. We work toward providing you with the best shutters for your home. Our prices are designed to offer you more, and are affordable no matter the size of the job.
Our staff
Our staff is dedicated to provide you with the best services possible. From the moment you call us, you’ll talk to technicians trained to help you choose our products. They make an appointment for our professionals to meet you on site. When you meet our professionals, you expect a friendly and cordial individual. They’ll helpful and knowledgeable. You may ask them any questions regarding our products. They inspect the windows, measure the sizes and give you a quotation for the job. Our professionals stay with you through the entire job from inspection, quotation, straight to installation.
Our Services
Shutters are a wonderful addition to your home. When you call us for installation, you’re trusting us with your home. Our professionals are highly trained. They have gained experience through dozens of jobs around Sydney. You’ll find they arrive on time for meetings with our clients. They offer you the best advice possible when choosing shutters. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. On the day of installation, our professionals come ready to do the job at once. You don’t have to worry about them coming at unnecessary times. They work within the schedule you provide. They perform installation in a quick and efficient manner. You’re left with shutters in your windows that last you a lifetime.
When it comes to creating a quotation, our professionals work within your budget. When they inspect your windows, or the area you want to install shutters, they make recommendations. They’ll then listen to your suggestions and any concerns you might have with your budget. Our professionals will then make any adjustments as needed, and give you a quotation that suits your budget. We work at providing you with great prices to start with. This way you’re getting a bargain from the beginning.
Our Products
We bring you variety in shutters. Our products come in different types of materials. We offer timber, a very durable material that leaves your house looking better. We also have vinyl shutters that are affordable and come in light shades. They’re easy to maintain. We carry aluminum shutters that are perfect for securing your home.

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