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Supply and Installation

Sydney Plantation Shutters offers you the best window shutters in Sydney. We value our clients, and work to provide the best products possible in the market. Our shutters come in different types of materials. We supply the following types of window shutters:
-Timber Shutters – Timber is a very aesthetic material. No matter what type of timber, it will work with your décor. You may also paint it to suit your house, or change colors as you want. Timber shutters are durable. They don’t break easily and you’re able to clean and dust them easily. When you call us for a quotation, we sent in our professionals to your site. Timber shutters have the added benefit of being able to fit any type of window no matter how big or small. Our professionals inspect your windows and give you the recommended sizes for timber shutters.
-Vinyl Plantation Shutters – They are top quality and quite affordable. We offer competitive prices from purchase of the vinyl shutters to installation. They come in a variety of light colors. These are easy to install and offer you a finished look. Their maintenance is minimal. Our professionals are trained to fit them in right. You won’t have to worry about sagging shutters. They make the right measurements and ensure you get the colors that you want.
-Aluminum Plantation Shutters – They are the best for security. There are many different types of aluminum shutters. Whatever the size of the window, we’re happy to help you find the ones that fit. Aluminum plantation shutters are often installed in custom job. Our professionals sit with you and help you make the right choices for your deck, patio, or house. Whatever the space you want to secure, our professionals help you create a perfect solution.
-Roller Shutters – They are popular for securing doors, or adding extra security in a house. We custom fit them into the space you want, whether it is your house, the garage or even your business. Our roller shutters are made with the best materials in the market.
Before installation, you’ll meet our professionals. When you make a call to us, our technicians as you relevant questions to determine your needs. They’ll make an appointment with you for a professional from Sydney Plantation shutters to meet you. Our professionals are cordial when they meet you. They’ll listen to your requests as they inspect the windows and make recommendations as needed.

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