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Timber Plantation Shutters

Timber is the most common material used to make plantation shutters. It is appealing because one you can install a shutter with the original timber color, or decide to stain the wood to the color of your choice. Timber is molded into lightweight pieces that are also very strong and sturdy. Once installed, we guarantee a sophisticated finish that transforms your house. Sidney plantation Shutters offers a great collection of timber shutters.
When you’re contemplating purchasing timber plantation shutters, here are a few facts to consider as you make your choice.
Timber shutters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Timber is a naturally strong material that doesn’t limit style. No matter what size your windows, we are able to get you shutters that fit. Timber is flexible and only needs proper fitting and you’ll have stylish shutters installed. Some materials can’t handle wide windows. The shutters need to be divided into pieces because the material will sag. However, with timber, we guarantee that you won’t have sagging shutters. The louvers on the shutters won’t bend either.
Our Timber Plantation Shutters come in different colors. Timber is such a versatile material when it comes to color. There are different types of natural woods. Each one has its own unique color and designs. It depends what type of wood used to manufacture the shutter. There are dark woods, and lightwoods, each one with their own appeal when it comes to color. Timber is warm in nature and if you opt to use it in its natural color, it adds depth to your room. Timber may be stained to fit your décor. This is why most people end up using timber for their shutters. Change the stain color every year, and you’ll have a fresh new look. We can also paint the timber to match the color of your décor. If you want to change your colors, you may also refinish the shutters, and have a different color.
Timber plantation shutters are best kept out of moist rooms like bathrooms. Unless they’re treated to be waterproof, timber absorbs moisture easily. They’re best installed in rooms like living rooms, study rooms, and bedrooms, or offices. This way, the shutter retains its integrity.
When you call Sydney Plantation Shutters, we measure your windows for the new timber plantation shutters. This is when we discuss design. Using timber allows you a wide option of different designs.

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