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Timber Shutters

Timber shutters add value to your house. They’re durable, strong and dependable. Most of our customers prefer to install timber shutters because it gives them many choices. When driving around a neighborhood, you’ll notice more people install timber shutters. This is because they offer a wider range of colors. They’re quality, and they look beautiful on the windows. Timber stands out when compared to other shutter building materials. This is because most people love the look of timber and its natural colors.
So, why install timber shutters in your home?
-They offer a very wide variety of styles. When it comes to houses, no window is alike to the other. Most times this happens because each house is designed to fit the owner. This applies to the shutters too. When you call for a quotation, our professionals will measure your windows. When you choose timber shutters, we’re able to fit them to your house and the size of your window. Timber shutters are versatile in that they can be designed to fit any window.
-Your house décor is important to us. When we install timber shutters, if you like, we paint them the color of your walls. This means that you won’t have timber shutters that don’t fit in with your chosen décor. Timber allows you to paint the shutters any color you please. You may also stain the timber if you don’t want to paint. Staining the timber gives you the chance to have keep that natural timber look, that is enhanced with a timber stain.
-Timber is a strong material. Strong materials add durability to your shutters. They can withstand constant movement, as shutters will experience through time. You’ll find yourself opening and closing the timber shutters, and they won’t break without intentional damage. Timber can be cut into pieces that keep the strength and integrity of the wood, while making sure it is light. This means that you won’t have sagging shutters in time. When shutters are heavy, they’ll sag when installed on your windows. Timber is strong, so it doesn’t have this danger and you can install timber shutters on wide windows without this fear.
-Sydney Plantation Shutters offers you competitive prices when it comes to Timber Shutters. We understand that you’re looking for the best quality possible. We go out of our to ensure our timber shutters are of good quality.

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